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Order easily straight from the table


Straight to the table without queues

Thanks to the app, you no longer have to queue up for your order at the restaurant counter or call for the waiter. All you have to do is place your order by using the Food&Events app. The app makes your restaurant experience even better.

As a user of the Food&Events app, you can benefit from the excellent, changing food and beverage offers of restaurants!

Download from your app store


You can also use the app via your web browser at

How to place an order by using the app

  1. Go to your favourite restaurant, sit down and get yourself comfortable.

  2. Install the Food&Events app by scanning the QR code on the label in your table by using your phone or place your order in your browser at

  3. In the app, select the food and beverages you want from the restaurant’s menu.

  4. Add your table number and review your order.

  5. Place an order and pay for it by using your preferred payment method.

  6. Get even more comfotable and wait for your order to be brought to your table.

  7. Enjoy the food, drink and easy life.

Please indicate in the additional information field

  1. Allergy information

  2. If you do not want the starters, main courses and desserts to be served separately

  3. If kids food needs to be brought to the table in advance

  4. If you want the beverages to be served at a different time (otherwise all beverages are served before the food)

    Please note that you can also place your order in parts, in which case the payments will be made separately for each part of the order.

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